Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cohuna St Marys School Designs

I have recently had the great honour of collaborating with the students and teachers at St Mary's Primary School Cohuna, to create three concept plans for their newly acquired school playground extension space. What a lot of fun we had brainstorming ideas for the use of this vacant land - everything from waterslides to rollorcoaster simulators was offered up as potential use! The elements you will see in the designs below came up top of the list in popularity with the students (ie were requested most often across all age groups) so I am sorry that there are no rollorcoasters - but there is plenty of space to imagine one !
For the benefit of parents and at home family discussion, I am providing the concept plans below, so now the whole family can get in on the creative process ! Please journal your thoughts and designs and pass them onto your school Principal, rather than leaving comments here at this blog. Enjoy the first steps of the journey into your new playground everyone !


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Melbourne International Garden Show.........

It has been a really REALLY long time since I have done a garden related post, mainly because, in truth, over the last couple of years since my marriage ended I have not had the drive to put into my rental garden in the same way I did my very own patch of earth. However, as part of my employment I had the tremendous privilege of going to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this past March, and joy of joys, it rekindled the spark/love of gardening within me again. You may be seeing more posts about sustainable vegetable patches in the near future ! In the meantime, enjoy this wander through the gardens and displays of the recent MIFGS - and isnt it a delight to see the swing back to cottage garden plants in landscaping fashions again? I know as a designer I will be glad to see the end of yucca's in every new northern Victorian garden !!!! Happy virtual strolling everyone...............


The Garden at Overnewton

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to attend Becky's baby shower high tea at Overnewton Castle, and was once again mesmerised by the beauty of the buildings, trees, and grounds. So much so that I had to share some snaps here with you and remind you once again what a stunning place it is for any event - love love love !